Sunday, 30 March 2014

Another Gem From Mum's Kitchen

When Mum and I make a pact on something, we usually tend to achieve it, Alhamdhulilah.
Today, we wanted to finish cooking lunch by a time way before we do on most Sundays.

And from this, I realised that what I thought to be a difficult, time consuming dish is actually not that challenging after all.

So, here's sharing a simple, and tasty dish to savour with your loved ones.

She had planned to make Nasi Lemak, a local rice dish cooked in coconut milk and accompanied of sides of your choice. (I am not going to where this dish originated from and all that, simply because I am not thoroughly sure.)

The sides in our house is usually plain omelette with fried fish (only this particular type) or fried chicken.

I have deliberately made the focus on the sambal because I believe that is the main component that will make or break the meal.

Getting It Done
The Sambal
1. Fry some ikan bilis (anchovies) and keep aside first.
2. Grind 2 onions and 3-4 garlic pieces together. (Do not add water when grinding.)
3. Saute oil with ground mixture, a piece of belachan *(shrimp paste - this IS the main ingredient) and add 8-10 tbsps of chilli paste. Add salt to taste.
4. Stir well, and add 5-6 tbsps of sugar. Leave the mixture to simmer in low heat for about 15 minutes.
5. Add in the fried anchovies and you are done.

The Coconut Rice
1. Extract 4.5 cups of coconut milk and leave it to boil with salt.
2. Add 2-3 pandan leaves into the water.
3. Once boiling, add in 3 cups of washed basmati briyani rice and let it cook.

Mum and I decided to share our recipes to share the joy of cooking with others. If you see something you like in our blog, go ahead and try for your loved ones. No obligations to share with us if it turns out well. But do keep us in your duas.

JazakAllah Khair.

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