Thursday, 29 May 2014

Giving And Receiving

This week has been a very meaningful week, packed with really impactful training modules at our iMentor training academy, Alhamdhulilah. So much so that I felt I was overloaded with information.

With that, there have also been many things on my mind that I have been actually falling asleep feeling exhausted on how I was going to accomplish them. And the top of this list of things all are my very lagging preparations – physical, spiritual and domestic – for our very blessed and my most-looked forward to month – Ramadan. SubhanAllah.

I realised I have not started with any of the things that I had planned for (as mentioned in my earlier posts) and am feeling terrible about it.

Shopping for family – both here and abroad, getting the house in order (the way I always want it before Ramadan starts!), baking some sweets to be sent home, speeding up with my spiritual learnings. So many things to be done and I haven't even started.

I have been telling AZ about them and he has been doing his best to calm me, and reminded me that the priority should be preparing for Ramadan, and that everything else will fall into place after that.

Today, while at work, I was so overwhelmed with the same emotions that I couldn’t write, almost till it was time for Zuhur. I gave up battling with my emotions and surrendered myself in prayers, to our Rabb. I had already made a mental note to take a walk outside, get myself something sweet, like a muffin or a chocolate, and very importantly, to give sadaqah.

And I did all of these. The giving really mattered. It always does. I came back to my desk, feeling refreshed, and recharged. I could get to work with so much clarity and got almost everything I had to do, done.

I have experienced this many times before. The beauty of sadaqah. Many a times, I have made the niyah (intention) to have the opportunity to meet someone who will REALLY benefit with my deed. And SubhanAllah, out of nowhere, HE sends them right in front of me. Just recollecting those moments are so moving.

The power of niyah. The power of asking Allah (S.W.T). The power of talking to HIM. The power of giving. Anywhere. Anytime. SubhanAllah.
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