Monday, 30 June 2014

The Day Before Ramadan In 2013

We are already in Day 2 of Ramadan this year. Alhmadhulilah.

Just a while ago, I recalled the the day before Ramadan last year.

I had been asking AZ that we watch the ARABIA - 3D movie for some time. Masha-Allah, we eventually ended up watching it on the morning before Ramadan at Science Centre’s IMAX Theatre.

In a gist, the movie is about a 22 year –old Arabian film-making student, Hamzah Jamjom’s story of  returning home from a university abroad to make a film about his native culture. The story line highlights how Arabian society developed through history into what it is today.

To be frank, I do not remember much about the other details of the movie, but what I remember in clear detail is the moment when Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah came on screen. The voice over talked about the peace one feels when at this beautiful place, and the next second, tears started rolling down my cheeks, non-stop.

AZ was engrossed in the movie too (although he didn’t quite agree completely with the history portrayed in the movie), and didn’t realise I was in tears until after a while.

My tears continued  till the end of  the movie (I can’t exactly explain why still).

I make lots of duas this Ramadan that my family, AZ and I are invited to the holy lands of Makkah and Madinah very soon. Ameen.

My duas for all yearning brothers and sisters in the same light too. Ameen.

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