Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ramadan Journal - A Gift

My parents and I - and recently, two of our cousin sisters - make a day trip across the Causeway to purchase some Eid cookies and tarts every year. We usually buy several bottles in a few varieties to give to our neighbours and colleagues. This trip is usually worth the while - keeping in mind the exchange rate and that fact that we purchase many bottles packed in a few boxes, at one go.

This time, we came back with this gift. I think I will not go into too much details of how this came into my hands. I just love this. Masha-Allah.

AZ placed it on our bookshelf, that comes with a glass window (as seen here). Every morning, it is so tranquil to see this beautiful view the moment we open our eyes. SubhanAllah.

I pray Allah (S.W.T) invites us to spend our next Ramadan in HIS House to perform Umrah, and in later months, Hajj. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.

Please keep my family and me in your duas too.

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