Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Writing... And Baking... And Living Life...

The new work year is now here. Alhamdhulilah, a lot of things have been lined up at work. And AZ's new job has been promising too.

As with welcoming all things sweet, I welcomed these new challenges ahead with these sweeties. My first try at experimenting with the cupcake papers - the batter was something that I have been accustomed to of course.

The photo below is of the bakes I made yesterday though. With different flavours. 

Amidst all these things, I have come to realise that I have not been able to write on this space as much as I would like.

And at times, I feel guilty about it too. So, is that good or is that bad? I really don't know.

And so, for 2015, I have decided on this. That I will write less. Here on this blog.

But I will write more in this pretty personal book. Diary - that's what they call it right?

Yes, maybe it's time, I should start writing diaries again.

Alhamdhulilah. My first entry is in.

This shall be, In-Shaa-Allah, my Book of Intentions and my Gratitude Journal.



  1. maybe you can do detailed posts now and again (instead of short ones often)

    1. In-Shaa-Allah. Thank you for leaving this note. :)