Saturday, 18 April 2015

Food With Dzikir, And Duas

I am writing this post to share on the barakah that food cooked in the home - peppered with our dzikir and niyaah - brings to us. What I am sharing may be trivia to some; but this 'discovery' is something that I made all over again .

I have written about this (the blessings of having food from cooking at home) before here, but nevertheless, would like to share this again.

AZ told me some two months back that he's been saving his sandwiches that I sometimes pack for his breakfast, for lunch. The nearest halal food place is about 15 minutes walk from his fairly new workplace and he's been forgoing the walk so that he has enough time for his zuhur prayers, lunch and some much-needed rest.

Having thought about it, I decided to put in some extra effort and time to prepare his lunch and keep the night before and store it in the fridge. Alhamdhulilah, this means Mum's lunch was fixed too. After a month of getting into this, I thought it made more sense that I increase the portions and pack lunch for me too!

It's been a month or so, that I have been bringing my packed lunch to work, and the outcome on my immune system has been amazing. Alhamdhulilah. Before that month, I was having a 'non-stop' dry cough that had lasted for months. It used to frustrate me and my colleagues (am sure, although they never said it). Given that I had to hop into cabs at least twice a week to get to meetings, events, with the nature of my job, I used to get nasal irritation very easily. And have ended up finishing up a whole box of tissues on a single work day on many instances.

Alhamdhulilah, ever since I started bringing food from home to work, and all other factors remaining constant, my immune system has improved by leaps and bounds. Masha-Allah, I have not been coughing incessantly, and cab rides have been sneeze-free. I was awed by this change and was sharing with my colleague, Sister A, who is now expecting and brings food from her home too. She was quick to pinpoint that the food that I have been eating (with all the duas and dzikir) made all that difference. There was once I had to eat out as I didn't bring food from home - probably because a lunch meeting got cancelled - and a cough did start showing up. I resumed with food from home the next day and it was fixed, Alhamdhulilah.

So much barakah for cooking with the remembrance of Allah. SubhanAllah.

My lunch box with 'sotong sambal' and eggs. (yes, I know I need to work on reducing oil in my cooking...trying my best, In-Shaa-Allah.)

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