Monday, 20 April 2015

Some Fish For A Puttu-ish Dish

These days, as I had mentioned in my earlier post, I have been cooking proper meals every day. For AZ and my lunch packs. When I mean 'proper meals', I do my best to include a meat and a vegetable dish.

While on weekdays, I prepare our lunches after Isyak, on Sundays, I try and get everything done before Zuhur, so that I get to do other things with the rest of the precious remaining weekend.

And so, yesterday, I decided to try a healthier dish. I have been thinking of fish puttu for a while whenever I crack my brains on what to make - so that AZ doesn't get the same lunch variety week after week, and also eats healthily, In-Shaa-Allah.

I have eaten  fish puttu only once at my dear friend D's house some years back. Her Mum made this for lunch with other vegetarian mains. We don't make this in our house. But after trying this, Mum would be game enough to make, In-Shaa-Allah.

It came out really nice, Alhamdhulilah. And it's fairly a simple dish to make.

Here's sharing a modified recipe of various versions I found online (and eventually tried in our kitchen)...
I am not going to state portions, because I never follow them in any recipe. I believe they should be according to yours and your family's needs and taste buds.

Fish (any type!)
Onions and green chillies (diced)
Mustard seeds
Pepper corns
Tumeric powder
Chilli powder
Pepper powder

Getting It Done
1. Wash fish thoroughly. Mum reminds me time and again that fish must be washed with ginger and garlic paste and some tumeric. 

2. Boil for five to six minutes with salt (this is a must!).

3. Drain the water and mesh them up with a spoon.

4. Add some oil and saute the mustard seeds, pepper corns, followed by the onions, chillies, and the other masalas and fish.

5. Serve up with rice or chappathi.

I made ladies fingers' masala to accompany this in our lunch boxes.


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