Friday, 7 August 2015

Ramadan Journal 2015 - Entry 4

16) Capture 
20) Me
I thought that I don't always capture photos about my Eid clothese. So, I made a mental note to snap a picture of a simple band very comfortable-on-the-skin maxi dress that AZ bought for me at the Eid fair before I wore it. I wore this on the first day of Eid. I  really liked how I could easily run around the house as we were attending to guests. I matched it with a maroonish scarf and had compliments from AZ and Mum.

17) Wish
I always wish to get some henna done on the last few days of Ramadan. These recent years, that has not been anywhere close to possible. This year, too.A few days after Eid, I found a tube of henna that's been untouched for a few months. I grabbed some lazy moments and had AZ applying some simple designs on my finger nails and palms. The outcome was pretty enough.

18) Make
My Mother makes beautiful murukkus... savoury Indian snacks.
You would think every child says this - that her Mother makes the best food.
My Mum does too, and this is EXCEPTIONALLY true with her Murukkus.

It takes a lot of time and effort to make these snacks. From measuring up the ingredients, to kneading the dough, to pressing the dough out through the traditional 'murukku ural' (I seriously don't know what it's called in English; you can google the images though), and then frying them in the correct temperatures.

I can never manage any of these. One of the biggest things I regret not learning to do. The scale of the process just scares me, really.

But my Mum makes them  single-handedly, with so much love. There were times we decided to give her a break, and ordered from home-based businesses. Not a single one of them came anywhere close to Mum's.

And so she goes - 'I told you. Let me make them like I always do.'

19) Read
23) Three
 One of the things about my job I loved this Ramadan was that I could get to work with Masjids on some projects. Over Ramadan, I had a chance to work with three Masjids in different vicinities.  After every project meeting, I made use of the lunch hour (while other colleagues involved in the projects headed to lunch) to spend time reading the Quran after my prayers.

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