Sunday, 6 September 2015

Moments From Our Jubilee Weekend...

It has been almost a month since we, Singaporeans, celebrated our 50th National Day on 9 August. So, this is a really late post.

But I think this is a good time to share these photos - a lil portrait of how far we've come, and how much Allah (S.W.T) has blessed this tiny little red dot.

I am aptly reflecting on this - as the country is at its half-time campaign period - for General Elections.

We had an extended Jubilee weekend, and AZ and I decided to spend the National Day at some of the places where special activities were lined up for celebrations.

They bring thoughts of peace, progress and prosperity - so cliché you may think - yet that's the truth.

Every new day, we thank our Rabb for the Singaporean identity.

Here are some of our moments in photos.

Sentosa's Siloso Beach had sand sculptures on display that depicted our history. There was also audio references playing in conjuction to that episodic era.

But all the chatty, curious visitors - locals and tourists included - around the sculptors kinda really hampered the sensory experience.

But then again, I am not complaining, as there have been sufficient sources to listen to these conversations on national radio and TV.

At 9 am that morning, we also heard, for the first time, the country's Proclamation of Independence read by our late former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. You can read more here.

The late Mr and Mrs Lee amidst the Singapore landscape and landmarks.

Merchants selling spices and all the trades we read in our textbooks that our pioneers carried out along the shores of the Singapore River.

A scene of Mr Lee announcing Singapore's separation from Malaysia, and him tearing on the uncertainties ahead screened on TV; people watching this at a coffeeshop exhibiting similar emotions.

AZ and I also made a trip down to the old Tanjong Pagar Railway station. Now a national monument of sorts, the place came alive with a carnival. Here are some photos too. There were more of course, that we posed with people dressed as 'Samsui Women' and 'Coolies' of yesteryears. Unable to share these hear though, as I realised we didn't take separate shots of them on their own.

Me in a posed shot. Items used in the early years... some of which Mum still safekeeps at home! The round flowered tray. Masha-Allah.

AZ and I in a photo moment. Of course, we were also decked in red wear themed with Singapore's national colour.  AZ wore a red jersery and I wore a maroon hijab. I, in full display of national pride and AZ was just soaking in the atmosphere with me!

In the morning, our first stop was actually to watch the air show put up by the Black Knights of the Republic of the Singapore Air Force. We had planned to be at Marina Barrage's South Pier by 12 that day. Allah (S.W.T) had better plans for us, as always. Traffic was expectedly heavy and we got down at this spot, alongside with others heading there too, and caught the show from where we stood.

Two planes that have just turned back after their aerial performance. Stunning in every moment.

AZ and I had some Eid guests later in the day and decided to head back from Sentosa when I thought it would be nice to hop into a Cable Car. It's AZ first time on that ride too, and we had a tranquil scenic half-hour to ourselves high up in the skies.

The view from the cable car.

AZ and I decided to spend the day with the activities for the Jubilee weekend, not because it was an extended weekend, but we just felt it was special and we thought I should take pride in these celebrations. I, for one, am really thankful for our leaders in this country. 

These are just my personal reflections. Singaporeans are going to the polls on 11 September. It is my wish that all voters make wise and sound decisions. In-Shaa-Allah.

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