Sunday, 8 May 2016

Preparing For The Beloved Month of Quran

SubhanAllah, we are less than a month away from Ramadan. 

With things settling down in the family, I am thankful there is some time at least now to prepare for Ramadan.

Managed to pen down the list of thing to get done, and polish up on pace of reading the Quran, I am struggling with this especially, and some other learning goals I had set myself, but I really hope to achieve them this Ramadan

Embarking on a cleaning spree (especially in the kitchen), packing re-usable items for giving away, planning leave and off schedules at work, settling gifts for family here and abroad. Somehow, it's always sprucing up the house that needs additional motivation as I dread it when some undone chores get pushed into Ramadan.

And of course, coming with a sensible Quran-reading plan that I can strive to stick to, In-Shaa-Allah. These are the top of my to-do agenda right now and pushing myself to get all these done at least a couple of days before Ramadan.

Please keep me, and all of the Ummah, especially those suffering in Syria right now in your duas. May Allah (S.W.T) shower his mercy on all of us as we prepare our minds and souls for Ramadan.
AZ and I were around Arab Street, where Sultan Mosque, is and had some quiet moments to ourselves.

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