Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Ramadan Reflections 1437H/2016

I thought I should pen down my reflections that I had over the blessed month in Ramadan.

Days before Ramadan, I had opened up my duas’ list from last year. I realised that some ‘major’ duas are still in HIS hands, while there were others which HE had so graciously fulfilled for me, and my family.

While reading through the yet-to-be answered ones as a lil upsetting with some onset of tears too, I took solace in what AZ always tells me about. That Allah (S.W.T) probably has much bigger rewards in the Hereafter if HE doesn’t answer my duas now. SubhanAllah.

When thoughts on my unanswered pleas come to mind, sometimes, every single day in a week, I tell myself that they are only unanswered, and not ‘unheard’. Of course, our Creator is aware.

I was also very moved when one of the duas closest to my hearts was answered on the first evening of Ramadan. Alhamdhulilah is all I can say.

I planned to perform Tahajjud prayers; I didn’t make it till the last few nights and treasured those few hours dearly.

Let’s dua that all of us have another chance with Ramadan next year, In-Shaa-Allah, and upkeep the Imaan we have so tirelessly built up in Ramadan for the rest of our lives.

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