Wednesday, 10 August 2016

This Is Home, Truly

We have just celebrated Singapore's 51st National Day yesterday. For us at home, it was a day of complete bliss, Alhamdhulilah. A day to just chill and enjoy one another's company, on a weekday. Mum made some simple, yet comforting food for breakfast and lunch that always soothes our souls. Dad slept in till much later than on usual weekends (we all did actually).

AZ and I wanted to catch up on some movies from the Internet, but we ended up with other activities - we both felt it wasn't just a movie day. AZ with his computer games, and I with my books. 

And Brother had a good break after his shift at work too.

Sitting back in the afternoon after lunch, and while waiting for the National Day Parade to come on 'live' on the television, I had some inspiration to bake. Especially since Mum had decided to make some lovely vadai for dinner. And so I made some cranberry muffins with a newly-bought muffin pan that (finally) fits our oven.

And as we munched into our very early dinner and immersed ourselves in the spectacular performances, a first for a parade held at the new National Stadium, humming along to the classic songs related to this place we call,Home - it sure was a time for reflection for me.

Thinking of my dear Mum's cute antics on insisting I take pics of her 'work of art' as well while I was snapping shots of my muffins, brings such a huge smile right here, right now. Bless all our Mothers always, Ya Rabb. Ameen.

Watching the parade live at the Padang, Marina Bay or from home always brings on some beautiful emotions. As with recent years, it's hard not to drop a tear or two - either when reciting the pledge, mouthing the lyrics of the National Anthem or when watching with absolute awe when the Apache Helicopters salute the State Flag with such style and splendour it so deserves.

(I am sharing this link for fellow Singaporeans who may be reading this space - not that you have to agree with the author though. I did, every bit, and was beaming with pride as I was reading it. Seriously lah! ;))

Probably at this juncture, also because, I have had far too many things on mind (to complain about, and sometimes, compare with others about, Astagfirullah!) that I probably have forgotten to be thanking Allah for all that abundance I already have been blessed with. Instead, I have spent time on some weeks with some negative energy. 

AZ (May Allah bless him, Ameen) has been keeping me level-headed and reminds me to have sabr (patience), and even more than that, shukr (gratitude) every time we are tested.

Privileges are aplenty in this tiny dot that we live in and I should keep thanking Allah for everything that we have here - good homes, great neighbours, a good job, considerate and tolerant colleagues, and Bosses who appreciate flexi-work hours, and above all, a supportive family. Alhamdhulilah.

Everybody has struggles, only that they are all different.

May Allah keep us all in good Iman always, and may we all remember that in end, everything belongs to Allah. And this dunya (world is only temporary).