Thursday, 3 January 2019

Have Faith, Always

Bismillah.  We have just stepped into 2019. Sending prayers for each and everyone one of us to find renewed strengths and hopes in all that we do. 

I felt there was a clear assurance from HIM when AZ, ZY and I caught this rainbow on the first day of this year (just one of those things that gets me emotional!). SubhanAllah.

At our country's first Unesco World Heritage Site - the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The year past had been quite challenging on several grounds. That said, it has also give promises of new beginnings for this year, and I am truly grateful to Allah (S.W.T)'s mercy for all of those blessings.

On a personal strive, I have realised again and again that this year should be a year of faith for me. I must and should admit that it's about time to start sprinting towards our Rabb, as I have spent way too much time staying still and not doing my best to connect with our Creator. Yet I am glad HE has been always guiding me and that I need to ask for more guidance.

A sweet and thoughtful gift from dear Sister-in-Law-to-be and already a Sister.

And also thankful for  this perfect gift from the new relation we have been blessed with in our family.  This had me sitting down to pen down some goals in seeking new knowledge and on getting back with more Ibaadah on a daily basis, In-Shaa-Allah.

Delish tarts!
Was also reminded of HIS love for all of us through another moment. A dear Sister, N, had sent some lovely munchies over, at a time, when I has asked for them. And that served as another reminder that Allah (S.W.T) is always listening. Always. I just have not been asking. Ya Rabb.

I hope that all of us make the most of HIS plans, increase our imaan and make life in this world more beautiful for our families and those around us. 

Let's learn to forgive more, give more and expect less. Let's show more patience and more love. (reminders for me!)

And I also hope to be able to write more, especially on the teaching moments that our precious ZY has given me.

Looking forward to the many exciting moments that await us.


Thursday, 30 August 2018

Moments of Life...

Masha-Allah, two blessed Eids have passed for this year, and along with it, the very special day of our ZY. He turned one just on the eve of Eid'ul Fitri, ie. Hari Raya Puasa.

Alhamdhulilah, we celebrated his birthday with our very close friend, Vanessa's Son - who shares the same birthday with ZY, just a year apart.

Parenting ZY has presented AZ and me with a myriad of emotions, lessons and keeps giving us new perspectives of lives every new day. Alhamdhulilah.

Doing my best not to miss out on his every little growing-up moment, handling a new job and happenings within the family has kept my hands, heart and mind full.

Amidst this, I have been trying to sneak in some 'me time' for a read and some sleep, as much as I want to be sharing on so many things on this space here.

In-Shaa-Allah, hope to be back here for some sharing that other Mummies, especially first-timers like me, will find useful.

Till then, please keep my family and me in your duas. 

Monday, 4 June 2018

Ramadan, and Lots of Gratitude

Alhamdhulilah, today is already Day 19 of Ramadan, almost at the start of the third phase of this most blessed month.

The days are moving really fast, along with years. Just last year, on this day, I had just delivered Baby ZY. And that makes him a year old according to the Hijri (Islamic) calendar. Alhamdhulilah for all HIS blessings.

And this year, our dear ZY joins us at the Iftar table. 

Ramadan this year has very different. I should have expected this with a little one in tow, a new job that I started on during the second week of Ramadan, along with AZ’s internship that also started on the first day of Ramadan.

As with all the years, I am very thankful for our parents, especially Mum, who spends her day-time running around her grandson, and still manages to prepare Iftar meals on time for us.

Started my first day of work, in lots of anticipation of what the new environment would be like. Thankful yet again for a Boss who walked up to me, right on the first day, to tell me to find out about the HR policy that allows Muslim staff to leave for home an hour earlier if they decide to work through the lunch hour.

Even more thankful for two cosy rooms that I have been turning into prayer rooms, with my new team fully aware and receptive. And of course, for a decent washroom to make wudhu – in peace.

With blessings in these forms and beyond, I should have done so much better with worship this Ramadan, but have I? Nope, I have not. Leaving the days that I have lost behind, I still have some hopes, of being more thankful and definitely to learn to inculcate patience as part of my life and be a better Muslimah.

If you are reading this and feel the same way, don’t lose hope. Our Rabb is merciful beyond what we can imagine. Let’s open up our hearts and ask HIM for everything.
May Allah grant all our duas and accept all our deeds this Ramadan. Ameen.