Wednesday, 8 February 2023

42 Days To Ramadan

Assalamua’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakathu.

Grateful for life and all that Allah has written for us this far. Alhamdhulilah, and certainly very glad to be back on this writing space.

A couple of new changes in our lives have filled our homefront last year - and literally a new house to call home along the way too.

Everyone of us in the family have settled in quite fairly quickly; ZY and ZD are now both in preschool; with ZY in his year of graduation. Parenting has kept AZ and me on our feet, and my parents are finding new joy in caring for the boys everyday.

Children are really good teachers, in their own ways, Masha-Allah, With AZ being away for most of last year for work  trips (which partly explains my absence from writing here), the kids and I have learnt a lot about ourselves and one another, and I dare say, ZY grew into a matured child during those moments.

Honestly, with these things and more in mind, and I really felt 2022 was a year of reflections - in so many forms. Finding myself coping with family, work and all the trials that came with selling and buying a property, awakened realisations about relationships with friends and family, grappling with managing financial commitments.

A new job back in the organisation that nurtured my earlier career years; similarly for AZ, a whole new experience in a new sector.

In a nutshell, the time span over these two years have had me with one consistent dua - for peace.

Praying for the same for everyone reading this post. Ameen.

With that, I have found strength to prepare myself for Ramadan... counting down to the blessings of the blessed month. 

And keeping all our brothers and sisters in duas at this very moment. 

Monday, 13 December 2021

Counting Our Blessings, Always...

Assalamua'alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakatuh!

Masha-Allah, almost two years since I made time to pen on this space. :)

I sincerely hope that all of you reading this now, and your loved ones are in the pink of health.

These two years must have changed so many of our lives, with the global happenings around us.

For us, too.....

 And I thank Allah (S.W.T) for guiding us through this phase.


And now, gladly introducing our second son, ZD, who has made up the most beautiful part of these years.

Our littler sweetheart, ZD. This year's post-Eid photos
at our favourite park, the Botanic Gardens.

This image pretty much sums ZD's little personality - always out to explore the world.

We have also seen ZY's transformation to a charming big brother. And are learning together with him every new day.

Hence, needless to say, both ZY and ZD are keeping us on our toes.

One of those quiet moments that lasted for a few seconds
for this shot.
  Parenting has taken a different form with two young boys 
  to care for and being entrusted with to nurture.
   While we could take things in at a much gradual phase with 
   ZY's birth in our lives, ZD's arrival had us thinking on our feet,
   on everything.

  Thankful for our parents' help and support on this journey. Their     presence so close to us definitely makes a difference. 

   And from there, other changes have also settled in for us.

   Pack these in with a few job movements over these brief time 
   span, that has made me reflect so much on career planning
   in the long run.

   In all, Alhamdhulilah for all the new relationships, friendships,       experiences, and life lessons.

It may look look like we like yellow too much. Actually,
 just that this was a coincidence.

At this point in time, we are looking forward to more changes in the coming months at the home front.

The months leading up to these changes have been peppered with tests, and along the way, HIS mercy has also been paramount.

Time and again, these have been reminders to refresh and renew my imaan and to hold tightly to the faith in HIM. Yet, these have been struggles. I really hope to do better, and to draw closer to HIM, In-Shaa-Allah. 

Please make duas for us, and we also send our prayers that HE helps to ease all our worries and keeps us comforted. 



Thursday, 3 January 2019

Have Faith, Always

Bismillah.  We have just stepped into 2019. Sending prayers for each and everyone one of us to find renewed strengths and hopes in all that we do. 

I felt there was a clear assurance from HIM when AZ, ZY and I caught this rainbow on the first day of this year (just one of those things that gets me emotional!). SubhanAllah.

At our country's first Unesco World Heritage Site - the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The year past had been quite challenging on several grounds. That said, it has also give promises of new beginnings for this year, and I am truly grateful to Allah (S.W.T)'s mercy for all of those blessings.

On a personal strive, I have realised again and again that this year should be a year of faith for me. I must and should admit that it's about time to start sprinting towards our Rabb, as I have spent way too much time staying still and not doing my best to connect with our Creator. Yet I am glad HE has been always guiding me and that I need to ask for more guidance.

A sweet and thoughtful gift from dear Sister-in-Law-to-be and already a Sister.

And also thankful for  this perfect gift from the new relation we have been blessed with in our family.  This had me sitting down to pen down some goals in seeking new knowledge and on getting back with more Ibaadah on a daily basis, In-Shaa-Allah.

Delish tarts!
Was also reminded of HIS love for all of us through another moment. A dear Sister, N, had sent some lovely munchies over, at a time, when I has asked for them. And that served as another reminder that Allah (S.W.T) is always listening. Always. I just have not been asking. Ya Rabb.

I hope that all of us make the most of HIS plans, increase our imaan and make life in this world more beautiful for our families and those around us. 

Let's learn to forgive more, give more and expect less. Let's show more patience and more love. (reminders for me!)

And I also hope to be able to write more, especially on the teaching moments that our precious ZY has given me.

Looking forward to the many exciting moments that await us.