Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bismillah, In The Name Of Allah (S.W.T)

Assalamua'alaikum Warahmathulahi Wabarakathuhu,

May peace be upon you.

Writing has always been something that I love. A lot. I guess when you love books, reading, and books, the other love just tags along.

Maybe that is why Allah (S.W.T) has blessed with a career that is just that. Writing. Alhamdhulilah.

This blog is now in this space after much reflection and conversations, with Allah (S.W.T), myself and my dear husband.

And I do have some reasons. These are times when you turn to the Internet for a lot of answers, and with them, learning points. Of course, nothing beats searching for answers from people we know, we respect and trust. But they may not have all the answers. Nobody has, anyway.

Ever since I started reading blogs by other sisters, I have learnt so much useful, interesting and thought-provoking matters on Islam, as well as other stuff that will interest most women - raising kids; and yes, not forgetting tips for the home (especially the kitchen).

And there is also something really sweet about recording memories; be it in photos, journals, diaries, or anywhere else that makes the heart and soul happy.

I am not exactly a person who likes taking photos. But this is one of the things that my husband (whom I shall refer to as AZ from here) has changed about me. We really love photobooks now and also have a journal offline so that our children, In-Sha-Allah, will have a window into our lives before they came into this world. We hope to bind them into books every year. After all, a book will always be a book. There is no substitute for holding a book, flipping the pages, taking in that scent and feeling it. Literally.

So why this blog then?

In-Sha-Allah, this space will enable me to pen my journey as I yearn and learn to become a better Muslimah.

 I hope to share positivity, and save the 'low' moments for our personal journal.

I am still learning and can never assume the responsibility of the dawah that other sisters' whose blogs I have benefitted from, Subhanallah. May Allah (S.W.T) reward them abundantly. Ameen.
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