Saturday, 3 May 2014

Another Peaceful Moment...

Last-minute changes that are characterised by last-minute interviews, photoshoots and similar assignments are very common in my job. So much so that my friends and the Cousin Sister whom I always plan lunches with have become so used to my last-minute cancellations of our meetings as well. But all of them have been ever so understanding and never once took offence with this. Alhamdhulilah.

I never had an issue with this too though, as I came in with such expectations, knowing the nature of this job. But what gets me turned off sometimes is when these things fall in between prayer times. Like starting just before prayer times or stretching over two prayer times.

Then again, Alhamdhulilah, there are always ways to turn towards my duty to our Rabb in between these work commitments, and there is also always a sense of joy when I get this done. 

There was one such moment last week. Good thing that I was already told to be at the event place the evening before, and I did my homework after Fajr that morning to find a Musollah (prayer room) in that area. Although I have been to cover events at the place several times before, I always had to head back to office where I could do my prayers in our gym.

But this day last week was different; I had to spend the whole day there. And I was really glad to know that a new Musollah was in place in the shopping mall near the place of my event. I had long wanted to give away a prayer mat from our house and was looking for an appropriate place and time to do so. This was the time. I brought it with me to work that morning.

I had lunch in the mall and headed to the Musollah. It was very well-maintained, Alhamdhulilah. Two prayer rooms - for the Muslimah and Muslimin - and a spacious ablution area. Masha-Allah.

This Musollah is at Level 4 of the IMM Building at Jurong East. 

Take the lift closest to Mcdonald's at Level 1. Once alighting at Level 4, turn left twice. There will be clear signs too. The key to the ablution area can also be found hung on the left side of the wall when you step in.

I made duas for the people who made the Musollah possible and who were maintaining it too. I pray that Allah (S.W.T) blesses them with HIS mercy always. Ameen.

If you are reading this and benefit from this someday when you are in the mall, In-Shaa-Allah, please keep my family and me in your duas too. Jazak Allahu Khair.

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