Monday, 12 May 2014

Gifts From Home

AZ chanced upon a friend from India a few weeks ago here. This brother makes occasional trips here and brings gifts and other items for families abroad from the people here.

Both AZ and I felt we would rather give the service charge, that we give to the cargo companies when we send gifts home, to this brother who was making a living with this trade. At least, we know that this money will benefit his family - his wife, a very young daughter and another child on the way, Alhamdhulilah.

By the time AZ had met him, he was already flying to India on the same evening. So, AZ made some quick purchases that Mum-in-Law would make good use of. Mum-in-Law, who is now in India, also then send us some gifts and sweets through this brother.

Some lovely sweet and savoury snacks she had sent us. The heart-shaped cookies were almost half gone by the time I took this picture. As the time frame she had was also pretty short, she also did some brief shopping and sent these two sets for AZ and me. Alhamdhulilah.

The saree colour is my favourite - maroon and cream. Mum suggested that I should sew it into a long dress for Eid (since I am not into wearing sarees at home). Sounded like a pretty good idea. In-Shaa-Allah.

Mum-in-Law is likely to be in India till the end of May. AZ suggested that we should send our Eid gifts for home through the brother this year. I agreed, as every time, we end up buying gifts on the first week of Ramadan, and by the time we send them over to Saudi, they have closed for  Eid. And they usually resume services after two weeks into Eid, which means our gifts reach home after Eid (which so defeats the purpose, right?).

So, Alhamdhulilah, this whole arrangement brings us a step closer towards our preparations for Ramadan. Getting shopping for gifts done, In-Shaa-Allah. 


  1. Salaam dear,
    the biscuits look yummy and the sari is very elegant. Good idea to get ahead of your Eid shopping, I think I need to do the same.
    I agree that it's not to get your gifts on Eid, it's just not quite the same afterwards.

  2. Wasalaam Sis, yes, let's dua that Allah brings us all towards Ramadan in the best of imaan and health, In-Shaa-Allah.