Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ramadan Journal 2014, Days 2, 3 and 4 - Gratitude

For AZ. For being there and supporting in every aspect of my life. There was a mini-crisis at work that I came home with – well, without tackling it actually. Shared it with AZ with a heavy heart and he talked it through with me, gave me the stamina and strength to handle it the way it should have been. Went back to office the next morning and had it dealt with the way it should have been. Came out of the whole thing with more confidence on the work that I do. Thank you, Ya Rabb, for blessing me with a soul mate like AZ, who knows me better than I do. Alhamdhulilah. May Allah bless this soul always. Ameen Ya Rabbilameen.

For Mothers. A mother here who selflessly makes sahur and iftar meals right from her heart, and serves it with lots of love for us. Living with my mother means even as a married woman, I can still get up half an hour later than her during sahur as she does the preliminary preparations. While I consciously makes sure she doesn’t do any other work than prepapring meals at most times, nothing is comparable to what she does. And a mother back home. Who sends her constant prayers and love to us (peppered with her commentaries of her Iftar creations!) Thank you, Ya Rabb for mothers in our lives, and may Allah bless them all with the highest Jannah. Ameen Ya Rabbilameen.

For Peace. In the place that we live in. Reading and hearing news about suffering Muslims in Palestine and poverty-stricken countries has made me thank Allah continuously for all that HE has blessed us with – abundance in Iftar, peace, peace and peace. Let us keep all our brothers and sisters in Islam as we make duas in this month when Allah answers all our prayers. Ameen Ya Rabbilameen.

Jellies made by Mum and Mango pudding made by me. 

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