Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Creative Better Half...

I have mentioned about my good friend Vanessa's wedding previously. 

Vanessa is a special friend in many ways, and I always thank Allah (S.W.T) for bringing this friend into my life. 

She's a Christian and I, a Muslim, and we always have exchanges of how our religions shape our lives. And keeping in mind that I am Vanessa's first close Muslim friend, I have made sure that my sharings with her about everything in our everyday lives are meaningful and informative.

We met as colleagues, she came in two years later as my junior, and our relationship bloomed very quickly as we became each others' office confidantes.

She is also one of the few friends who calls my Brother by the 'home name' I address him as - so I believe that well explains her relationship with my family too. Alhamdhulilah.

And oh yes, she is the first friend AZ met after a few days he arrived in Singapore too.

For this and many other reasons, AZ has always referred to Vanessa as his 'little sister' in Singapore.

Thinking back, it is also heartwarming to recall that Vanessa and I were still colleagues who sat right next to each other (and shared about almost everything we could think of) when she met her husband, Kenny. Of course, he naturally became our friend too.

Vanessa and Kenny just got married in Ramadan this year. When preparing for her wedding, she passed AZ a file of her wedding invitation for some conversion. Quite casually, he worked on some alternative designs for them both, and they liked it too.

After several rounds of creative works and designs, these are the final versions of the invite and guest posters with the same theme. 

Their wedding invite.

This one was for their church wedding.

This one was for their wedding dinner.

The posters were printed on a bigger paper size, of course, and looked really pretty. AZ and I have wanted to contribute something special for Vanessa's wedding and we were really happy that Allah (S.W.T) gave us an opportunity through this. Alhamdhulilah.

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