Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ramadan Journal - Traditions

Whenever I read the prompt - 'tradition' - on some blogger-sisters' Ramadan Journal prompts in earlier years, one of the things that comes to mind is usually getting henna done on the eve of Eid.

But thinking of it, it has been a few years since I have moved away from that 'tradition'. The reason is simply because I always have much undone work on the eve and am usually very happy to steal some hours of sleep before I wake just a few hours after Mum to start work in the kitchen.

And the other reason is also because everyone else is also too tired to draw henna designs on my hands (as they too wish for some hours of sleep before dawn cracks). On years where I can afford some time to myself by 11-ish into the evening, Mum would get them done on my hands and toes. Alhamdhulilah. Yes. If I am getting henna done, I get them done on my fingers, palms and toes.

In recent years and last year too, AZ did them for me. Alhamdhulilah. This year, I didn't want henna done, as I was really very exhausted from the day before's housework.

Putting up curtains, last minute dust-wiping and washing of two bathrooms - these were exhausting enough to have me wishing only for some hours of sleep.

The other thing that is a yearly do on the eve of Eid is baking. Ever since I learnt the proper way of baking a decent cake, I have been baking two cakes on the eve of Eid.

I usually bake them very early in the morning because for some reason, my cakes are always tastier the next day, Alhamdhulilah.

This year too, I stayed up after Fajr prayers and made two cakes - a marble and an orange cake. It was while baking that I decided to also pack some for the sisters in the Sunday Iqra class. It was also heartwarming that we had become better friends through our Whatsapp group chat. 

And we had even all decided to wear black abayas with a coloured scarf - of the seven rainbow colours - to class that Sunday in celebration of Eid as we welcomed Syawal. Masha-Allah. And the colour I chose was green, I wore it with the Zariya Abaya from our new Eid stocks.

While shopping for ziplock bags and other items to serve food for guests several days before, AZ and I came across these pretty and affordable party bags. And they came with very cute stickers as seals too. I bought just one pack, knowing they would come in handy anytime. As I was rushing to pack the cakes for the sisters that morning, these bags were very helpful. 

The bags added so much colour to the Eid gifts.
Alhamdhulilah, Ustazah also surprised us with Rainbow Nutella cakes as Eid gifts that day.

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