Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Semolina And A Sweet Snack...

I have never been a fan of sweets, especially authentic Indian sweets like laddus. Of course, one or two on an occasion would be a nice treat. But not more than that.

AZ is different. He loves these sweets; especially those from his hometown that Mum-in-Law makes. His sweet tooth is to the extent that he apparently used to have mouthfuls of them for breakfast almost every day whenever he went back to his hometown during his college semester breaks.

Ever since he's been here, his eating habits have changed. I have not been really encouraging him to munch so much on sweets; but of course, treat times are inevitable for us.

It's only natural I think, that I started learning how to make some of these traditional sweets. Nei urundai (translated as ghee balls) have been checked on the list. Have not shot photos as yet, but these were made from the ready-made mix (something which I don't really support as I like learning and preparing food from 'scratch'; makes cooking so much more 'homelier'.)

And rava laddu (semolina sweets) is the next one on the list that has been checked. Have been making time on weekends to make try out new dish.

The recent weekend, I gathered these simple ingredients for this simple sweet dish.

Just some ghee, semolina, raisins, cashew nuts, icing or powdered sugar and some cardomom seeds will be good.

All I had to do was to toast the semolina in a dry pan, and then heat up the ghee, adding in cashew nuts and raisins. And from there, added the warmed-for-awhile mixture into the semolina and made them into round dough. 

And they turned out well and sweet - to the taste buds and eyes, Alhamdhulilah. 

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