Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ramadan Journal 2015 - Entry 1

Finally, I am getting down to pen down my Ramadan Journal. Actually, AZ was neatening up my mobile phone and its contents just a few days back.

In the process, I realised that some photos I had snapped throughout Ramadan are now missing. Knowing that I would want to document these very much, AZ spent quite a bit of time trying to recover them from softwares. Given a bit of time, he would have recovered all of them, but I really felt bad about it as he had exams to prepare for, alongside work commitments to attend to.

And most of all, these days, I have learnt to accept, or to be truthful, learning very hard to say Alhamdhulilah for all things - to my favour and otherwise.

And so, Alhamthulilah, I retook some shots in the same order that I could and will write about other images that I captured after Ramadan that also deserve space for memories in my Ramadan Journal for this year.

So here goes, my photo journal (of sorts) for this Ramadan.

1) Prepare
As I had hoped for, about 80 per cent of our Eid shopping was completed before Ramadan. And of these, the essentials that 1 particularly shop for new bedsheets for the house.

2) BnW
Battling within myself to spend as much time as I could with my Quran. I could have done much, much better...
What I was happy with myself was that I read different Surahs, unlike in all other years where I had read from the first Surah and followed through.

My Quran - which is a gift from my Father during one of the Ramadans in earlier years.

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