Friday, 7 August 2015

Ramadan Journal 2015 - Entry 3

6) Sahur
15) Iftar
A cup of milk at Sahur and Iftar was my must-have in Ramadan this year. Something I needed to make sure I didn't end up with gastric for consumption of spicy food. As of course, spicy treats that were too good to resist for an appetite that came after fasting.

7) Mood
AZ and I like to take a walk along the Eid Bazaar (Fair) here just to soak in the atmosphere every year. This year, we headed out on the second day of Ramadan, after Dhuhr prayers. It was one of those days that we weren't in the 'mood' for shopping. We went again though, this time towards the last few days in Ramadan when we had a mini-shopping list in hand for Eid preparations. And these two items below were among the purchases that we both really liked.

8) Grateful For
For being born as a Singaporean Muslim. I have thanked Allah (S.W.T) many times this Ramadan for being able to fast 'freely' this Ramadan. Reading about our brothers and sisters in China who were forced to eat during work hours to prevent them for keeping their fast in this holy month was painful.
May Allah bless all our efforts amongst the struggles, with a place in Jannah. Ameen.

12) 4pm - At work
Relates back to my sentiments above. 4pm for me on weekdays were at work. - that was the time I wlooked forward to perform Azhar prayers, and then wrap up my work for the day. I had requested to leave work an hour earlier and my bosses were cooperative.

As I write this now, we are in our SG 50 Jubilee Weekends here. Singapore celebrates 50 years of independance this year. A heartwarming part of our National Day celebrations here is these funpacks for every citizen's home. We collected ours a few days back. There are 50 designs that the bags come in and every design paints the Singapore story. Masha-Allah.

These were some of the pretty, keep-sakes in the bag. Every neighbourhood gets a variety of items that bring back childhood memories and stamp the success of Singapore. My personla favourite is the 'Old Maid' card game. There are four in this card-games' gang. There're are the 'Snap', 'Happy Family' and the 'Donkey'. Games we all loved as children.

I am going to take some time this Jubilee weekends and introduce this game to AZ. My Brother and neighbours included. In-Shaa-Allah.

9) Inspired By
This whole Ramadan, I felt I had not done my best, and at times, I felt I fared better last year.
At one of these low moments, I came across this article here. And it sure was an inspiration to pick myself up and make the most of the remaining precious time I had.

10) Light
On a couple of days, after setting the table for Iftar, we had moments - AZ and I - sitting down, making duas, with the light of twilight coming through our curtains. It was serene.

11) To Do/To Ask
My Duas List.  I came up with a tangible list only after Day 11 or so in Ramadan.

25) Write 
I actually didn't get to writing on my personal dairy. At all.

13) Craving
King of fruits, that's what they are known as. Durians. I had cravings for these towards the last ten days of Ramadan. My Father promised then he would get me some after Eid as th tastier ones were not so easily available near our place. He delivered his promise some two weeks back, and I was one happy kid. Alhamdhulilah for parents.

14) Mess
This is what our kitchen table looked like at one of its to-get-messier moments on the eve of Eid. With Mum's jellies, my cake-making props, and other items I usually bring down from cabinets once a year for Eid. 

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