Friday, 7 August 2015

Ramadan Journal - Entry 5

21) Smile
24) Happy
 Receiving gifts are always reasons to smile. And it's with a lot of happiness when the gifts are from parents. This lovely green prayer garb is a surprise gift from Father while he was on a short shopping spree across the Causeway.
Pretty, isn't it? Alhamdhulilah.

22) Colour
Eid, or Hari Raya, as we say it here, is never complete without these lovelies.
We all have personal favourites. Mine are the pineapple tarts.
It is our family practice to pack these colourful Eid cookies for our guests and neighbours.
One thing I have to change next year is to really pack these at least two days before Eid!

26) No 
We made a trip to Johor Bahru, as we do every year to make some purchases for Eid with our cousin sisters in tow.
This time, with a different hired driver. The experiences were not as pleasant. And so, next year, In-Shaa-Allah, when we decide to make the trip, that driver will be a no-no.

27) Listen
I had the blessed opportunity of listening to the Imam's recitation of the Quran during the last Friday's Ju'maah (congregational) prayers while near a Masjid in the east. As I listened to the recitation of the Imam in tears, standing there, watching my Ummah in unity, I teared too. For me, it was one of the most beautiful moments I was blessed with this Ramadan.

28) Reflect
In my later years of growing up,  I always was tested on controlling thirst while fasting, more than on hunger pangs.
One of the days, when the weather was really sultry, as I was waiting for the bus that neevr came for almost 45 minutes, under the burning sun, I reflected deeply - on how fortunate I was to only feel that test for so little of the whole day. What about my brothers and sisters who fast in far worst conditions throughout a whole month, with taqwa? SubhanAllah.

Our purified water dispenser - a reminder to keep thanking HIM for all that we get and others don't. Gratitude - for everything.

29) Eid Prep
The sister I bought the pretty, colourful Eid paper plates wasn't selling them anymore. So, AZ thought of serving food on banana leaves. I felt it was a refeshing change too.
 AZ is hard at work at cutting the leaves to fit the plates on the eve of Eid.

30) Thank You
This year, AZ and I have both been very busy with our careers. And we had mentioned on our Al-Barakah Abayas' Facebook page that we will not be bringing in new designs. We welcomed orders on existing stock though. We admit we haven't spent much time on Facebook marketing like last time too. Yet, we were so humbled that we had sisters contacting us for abayas for Eid. We would like to thank them all for their support. This support has definitely inspired us to do better. In-Shaa-Allah.

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