Friday, 14 October 2016

Beautiful... In Every Sense

I am writing up this post for a dear, childhood friend - Rathai, at Apsaras Fashions.

Last Eid, my shopping spree for sarees was made really easier. And rather than using the word easier, I would like so say it was made more comfortable, cosier and so much happier.

Much thanks to my friend, Rathai, who is now a new online business owner, at Apsaras Fashions. She is jointly running the business at home, with her very sweet younger Sister, Mythili.

Also a new Mom to a gorgeous Baby Boy, Rathai is now enjoying the new momentum as a Mum-preneur, and I am quietly proud of my friend. All her sarees above are my personal favourites from the selection that I went home with this last Eid. In-laws were all smiles with these, of course, as well as some friends I got them for (the ones with peacock print! I cldn't get them for Mum or in-laws because of these images but were just too pretty not to get for someone else).

Every saree she showed me ever so patiently turned out to be more beautiful than the other, and I was really pampered with so many choices. Well, but sarees are sarees, they will always be beautiful in some way, weren't they? What I actually want to share then is about what I believe makes Apsaras Fashion special.

I always feel that what a business really is about is or are the people behind it. When we started our humble ' Al-Barakah Abayas' business, AZ and I felt the business must reflect our values in life, and we will do our best to upkeep them.

Today, when I think of Apsaras Fashions, I think of Rathai, and her kind-hearted nature and demeanour. The patience she carries in her, and the sense of calm she always exuberates. Always, and I mean it.

I have my memories from school days to back me up. Rathai, in our blue skirt and white blouse - school uniform, holding hands with me as we both were among the first in class queue. We both were among the shortest in class , had two trademark plaits, and were probably among the most timid too. This was years ago (oh my!) in our first year at Primary One. I remember my late grandmother telling me every time she fetched me from the school gate, that I must learn to take care of this friend because she could see that she was holding my hands so tightly as the teacher has instructed till we meet our family members at the school's entrance. Now, I sometimes recall that image. Rathai is always the friend with whom I am able to reconnect even when we may have not met for many years!

Talking about grandmothers… like me, Rathai has been very close to her Grandmum too (her grandmum passed away very recently). I think we both have this thing about lovable grandmothers. And I found it especially sweet that Rathai gave some of her first saree arrivals to the sweet grandmums in our neighbourhood. She did not tell me this though, I just learnt it from the folks who live among us. Way to go, my dear!

(And for Muslim sisters, Rathai is sure to be sensitive to aspects of religion as she has clearly made a mental note on image prints. )

So, for sisters who live near us, you can be assured of a comfy shopping experience, and for others who are online shoppers, making purchases at Apsaras Fashions will be definitely make you a happy shopper. Well, Deepavali is just round the corner right? 

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