Monday, 14 April 2014

HE Sent Us Barakah

Our family’s evening yesterday was spent beautifully, with barakah that our Rabb sent us. HIS barakah visited us through two heartwarming guests whom AZ and I had invited for dinner.

I have reminded myself to be more gracious and have sabr (patience) when I am now serving guests after I learnt on the hadith as said below of serving guests (even if they are people who may be mean to us).

“…when Allah wishes well for a qawm..." Here the word "qawm" does not mean "nation" or a group of people; it means few people or just one person. "...(Ehdâ ilayhim hediyyeted-dayf) Allah sends them guests as gifts." It is considered as gifts because when the host offers good things to the guest, he earns rewards and the blessings of Allah.

"If Allah wishes prosperity for a person, He will send guests as gifts."


Our guests yesterday, Sister R and her fiancé (Brother Is), brought with them lots of warmth and laughter. Brother Is also took some time to take us through a water test (which I will write in more detail in a later post, In-Shaa-Allah). 

AZ and I have also long wanted to get a gift for Sister R. We decided on a pocket Quran for this Sister, as she is an entrepreneur who is always on the move and felt this will be very useful for her when on train rides. 

She was really pleased with this priceless gift (of all times!). I also told her that it was indeed a ‘selfish’ gift from both of us as we hoped to get some rewards when she recites the Quran, In-Shaa-Allah.

We also made her choose a pretty abaya that she fancied from our collections. She hesitantly did, and carried it so well when she tried it on. 


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