Wednesday, 30 April 2014

In Our Food Haven...

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My latest post was on eating halal. And while I was writing the post which pointed out to the fact that   other Muslims and I who lunch around my workplace now have one less place to eat at, I thought... the best halal place to eat is our home.

The place where food is always warm, cooked  and served with love and with pure niyyah, and with lots of dzikir and always with the starting step as the utter of 'Bismillah'.

With that in mind, sharing some recipes right from our food haven at home. The prawn sambal dish was made by me, in an attempt to complement Mum's paruppu-and-rasam over lunch on one of the weekends. The brinjal pachadi was made on another day.

Looking at the paruppu-and-rasam shot brings a big smile to me now. Mum had made this about the time I had just started blogging, and I told her that I may be posting some of the photos of the dishes we prepare on the Internet. I seriously was expecting her to have some reservations. But she didn't.

I took a shot of the prawn sambal first. And then as I did a little arrangement on our kitchen cabinet to take the next shot of Mum's paruppu-and-rasam combination, she surprised me with a cute moment.

She stopped me before I took a photo and and actually scooped up some curry leaves from the pot to make them clearer in the photo. After doing that, she said smilingly, "The curry leaves will make the dish look more appealing," in Tamil. I didn't expect her impromptu spontaneity at all!

You know what Mum? With curry leaves or without curry leaves in the picture frame, only we, and all the fortunate people whom you feed,  know that your dishes will always be appealing in looks and taste. Alhamdhulilah.

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