Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Crown Of Confidence

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This is my brief hijab story.

I always like listening to stories on other sisters’ journey towards the hijab. Because every story is meaningful and special. Like most sisters, I have a story too.

There was always something missing in my life in the times before hijab. There was this confidence and strength that was always missing. In short, I never felt complete – as a woman, as a Muslimah.

I have heard several sisters share this same line with me – this incomplete feeling.
Together with the hijab on my head came my crown of confidence. People looked at me with much more respect and I could feel that I was a stronger person. From the day I wore this crown, I have never stopped wishing I had made the decision much earlier. And I made lots of duas that Our Rabb forgives me for this. Ameen.

The day I wore my hijab, Brother accompanied me to change my passport and identity card. I wanted to be wearing the hijab in all form of my identification – to some extent, I felt it was new me. I had to be more responsible in the public now – because what I do will now reflect Islam and other Muslim women in our society.

What I didn’t expect was the reaction from my colleagues. It was the year-end festive season here, and I walked in wearing the hijab for the first time when everyone was busy decorating the office for year-end celebrations. I still remember their expressions. Once I stepped in, everyone of them, who were all non-Muslims (except for just 1 out of 50), cheered and clapped loudly. Some female colleagues even hugged me. SubhanAllah. This sure moved me a lot. Some colleagues who were closer to me knew of my decision earlier. But the reactions of those who had no clue was just as beautiful. 

From then on, some groups of colleagues made use of all opportunities that sprang up to buy me hijabs as gifts. Alhamdhulilah. This is one of the precious things about living harmoniously in a multi-racial country like ours. For that matter, the other Muslim colleague and I never once had to check whether the catered food for office parties was halal, because we had wonderful colleagues who made sure the caterers were halal-certified. Alhamdhulilah.

After I started wearing the hijab, one of non-Muslim colleagues said this to me – “You know, with the scarf wrapped over your head, you look like you were born to wear the hijab.” Masha-Allah. I am thankful every bit that I was born a Muslimah.

Source: Internet

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