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My Reflections On Asma-Al-Husna (4)

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23. Ar-Raafi' - The Exalter
 4:13 He it is Who shows you His signs and sends down for you sustenance from heaven, and none minds but he who turns (to Him).
4:14 So call upon Allah, being sincere to Him in obedience, though the disbelievers may hate it.
4:15 The Exalter of Ranks, the Lord of the Throne. He causes the Spirit of His command upon whomHe will of His slaves, that He may warn of the Day of Meeting,

24. Al-Mu'iz - The Bestower of Honour
If we recite this name of Allah 40 times after Maghrib prayer on every Monday and Friday, Allah will grant us honour and reverence. In-shaa-Allah. 

25. Al-Mudhil - The Giver of Dishonour
If we make dua for protection after reciting this name of Allah 75 times, Allah will protect us from the evils of envious persons, oppressors and enemies, In-Shaa-Allah. If you fear a particular enemy then, after reciting this name of Allah 75 times, you may observe sajdah and invoke Allah's help against the enemy in the following manner: "O Allah! Protect me from the evils of so and so.", Allah will grant you protection. In-Shaa-Allah. 

26.     As-Sami' - The All-Hearing
If we recite this name of Allah 500 times or 50 times on Thursdays after offering the Duha prayer (Chast prayer), Allah will surely grant us our duas, In-Shaa-Allah. It is necessary that no talking be done during the course of reciting it. If we recite this name of Allah 100 times on a Thursday between the Sunnah and Fardh of Fajr prayer, Allah will favour us with with His special blessings, In-Shaa-Allah. 

 27. Al-Baseer - The All-Seeing
If you recite this name of Allah 100 times after the Jummah prayer constantly, Allah will grant us strength to our eye-sight and Noor (light) to our hearts. In-Shaa-Allah. 

28. Al-Hakam - The Judge
If we recite this name of Allah 99 times while in the state of Wudhu during the last portion of the night, Allah will cause your hearts to perceive all secrets and to be filled with Noor (light). In-Shaa-Allah.

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