Monday, 28 April 2014

My Thoughts On A Book - IraqiGirl (Diary of a Teenage Girl In Iraq)

A book of blog entries of an teenage girl - Hadiya - yearning to live a simple, ordinary life like other girls her age. Yet caught with an opposite situation, without basic needs - water, electricity and of all, peace.

"I forgot what peace looks like. What the street looks like. What the sky in the night looks like. What my relatives look like. Sometimes, I just think that if you could see what my eyes see, if you could hear what my ears hear, you would be able to understand what I mean." - this is an example of her frank, honest, heartfelt posts.

Childlike in some instances, her thoughts also reflect a good sense of maturity, probably something that the coldness of war built into her quickly. Albeit written by a teenager, adults will also be able to get a clear glimpse into what Hadiya and her family and other Iraqis battled with.

I did a quick check on her blog after finishing the book, and was glad to know that Hadiya is now a married woman, and her family members are also doing good. Alhamdhulilah.

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