Monday, 9 June 2014

A Date With Dates

Everything we do, or I do, at least, draws much influence from my moods. Of course, when I set the intention to do it, I get it done. Alhamdhulilah. But when the mood is set well and right, I can also overdo – there are two things that can get a huge dose of this ‘therapy’ with me. Cooking. And baking.

I am glad that we have started the ball rolling with our preparations for Ramadan. Gifts parcels have been sent home. Alhmadhulilah. Every year, although we shop for authentically made local cookies that bring on Eid sentiments here, I always find some joy in baking some on my own (especially to be sent home).

I remember over the last two years, AZ and I did not plan in advance and ended up rushing through our shopping for new clothes and other items. And so with the baking too. But I would still insist on baking. After arguing with me, and trying to convince me to not spend so much time on baking when we have already bought a good variety, AZ would usually give up. Just so I can have my little joys.  I remember staying up from midnight to Suhoor to bake so we could bring over to the courier place right after Fajr.

This year, Alhamdhulilah, we have become more conscious of preparing for Ramadan, and have a made niyah to cut down time on all self-created traditions and spend more time on prayer. In-Shaa-Allah. I pray Allah (S.W.T)  keeps strengthening all our imaan as we are reaching towards Ramadan.

We readied everything for home and sent our gifts through the brother I had earlier mentioned about some two weeks back. My baking spree this time too lasted well into the midnight and up to Fajr. I usually bake after all the kitchen chores are done – so that the only things I have to clean up after baking are the stuff that I use for baking. And absolutely nothing else.

So, naturally, that landed me in a baking spot at 11ish. AZ decided he would stay up to catch up on his video games too (as a break after his exams), and to accompany me while I baked.

With Quran recitals playing on my phone, I got to work and the night was really peaceful. Alhamdhulilah.

I tried a new recipe - dates and oats cookies. And another tried and tested household favourite - chocolate chip cookies (this time with a bit of colouring for a variation).

And as I was baking these cookies, a very meaningful thought came to mind... towards Ramadan. I told AZ almost immediately. And he told me to make a niyah. I did, and I am making duas that I can put my baking skills to good use this Ramadan. Ameen.

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